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La Mariposa y el Té shop

La Mariposa y el born as a result of natural evolution of the company Lavanda Tes i Xocolates, specialized in teas, chocolates and artisan-made products, which began its journey in late 2008.

The quality of their products and passion for the magic of the the after dinner moments, are intuited in each of the items they offer, and its purpose is to find all the tea that best accompany us in our moments of peace, to make them really special.

That is why, in its careful selection, we can find a wide range of teas in all formats, in bulk (not contain dyes, preservatives or chemical odors), dose (presented in silk pyramid prestigious American Harney & Sons) and instant (imported directly from the United Kingdom). Hand in hand they are tea accessories, practical and easy to use but surprising and useful at the same time.

La Mariposa y el Té shop

Tempt gourmet palates with their craft proposals, chocolates, jams, honey and sugar, sweet treats that will not leave you indifferent.

Neither wanted to forget the pleasure of putting on an apron and make the whole house smells like cupcakes, so they present their collection of items for the bakery, from cookie cutters, molds for bread and cakes, cupcakes and accessories to prepare articles pastry, to put within reach the North American recipes typically with their preparations and baking mixes cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Everything you need to let the conversation flow in a careful sitting with friends or to accompany a good book and a steaming cup of delicious tea.

For you to share or give away, La Mariposa y el is your charming online shop.