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Storing teas idea

Using a shelf in your kitchen, this project can be ideal for you to order all kinds of tea we usually buy and do not know how organize them.

Just need a shelf (if you do not have them, the model Ribba from Ikea is perfect), 3 glass jars with lids (you can use spray paint over them if you're interested), 3 short screws, two hooks for cups, a screwdriver and drill.

Storing teas idea

Paint the lids with spray, let them dry and make a hole in the center with the help of the drill.

Mark a  on the shelf with a pencil where you'll want to place the glass jars and hooks for cups.

Secure the lids to the shelf in the area marked with the screws and the rack to the wall according to instructions.

And finally, what we like best: fill glass jars with your favorite teas, the mugs and place your tea accessories above the shelf.