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Oreo cookies decorated striking and delicious

What is no way to improve an Oreo cookie? Enter, read and learn to decorate them so that your dessert table looks like no other.

Oreo cookies decorated striking and delicious

We agree that there is no better cookie than an Oreo. Point, end of sentence, end point. You can also get them almost anywhere in the world. We love those cookies!

Oreo cookies can be decorated and become something totally new; a perfect complement to any dessert table. On the other hand, decorating them is a fun project for children, and a very good material to add to your social networks. Did we convince you?

We have compiled for you four great ideas to transform that simple cookie into something much more special. And they look good with almost any drink, so you have to try them with a delicious Te Thai ice cream with coconut.

Convert them into lollipops

You just have to open the cookie, insert a stick, close it firmly, cover with cream and decorate it with your favorite sparks. It is the ideal way for children not to dirty their hands when eating them and they will look fantastic at the dessert table.

Paint them and turn them into coins

You can use edible gold paint to turn your Oreos into the doubloons of a sweet treasure. The reliefs on the surface of the Oreos really provoke the illusion that we are facing real gold coins. Test it!

Change the filling

Ice cream, cream, chocolate, whatever you want! You can also decorate them with sparks and they will look beautiful.

Decorate with fondant

The old and reliable fondant will help you decorate the outside of your cookies. In the photo you can see how our delicious cookies have become some tender (and equally delicious) penguins.