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Learn to decorate your coffee cups with paper

There are many ways to decorate cups, but with paper? Incredible but true. Get out of the monotony and decorate your cups with this material.

Learn to decorate your coffee cups with paper

There are many ways to renovate our home, which may seem simple or complex. When you give a change to simple pieces, the difference is really noticeable, so today I will explain how to decorate cups of coffee with paper by a simple and economical method.

With such striking cups you will not have to worry about a boring snack, being elements that can give you a fun tea time.

Before starting…

To get down to work and renew the cups of coffee in your kitchen you will need: first, the cups that you will decorate, a brush, papers of different colors and designs, and paper glue.

Before you start decorating the cups, you should wash them thoroughly and remove any dirt residue. Then proceed to dry each cup very well.

Cut some pieces of paper to make your own design. Cut out geometric figures with different styles, or tear the pieces of paper to give it a more rustic effect.

To work!

You already have the design, and the materials to achieve it. Now is the time to materialize the project. Begin to glue the papers, placing the papers one on top of the other to assemble your design.

To finish and protect the design, brush the brush with all the papers that are decorating the cup, making sure all the papers are well sealed.

The process to decorate cups of coffee with paper is not at all complicated, and it is quite affordable according to your budget. You no longer have excuses to make your table look great with these beautiful cups.