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Learn how to prepare these delicious cinnamon rolls

Learn how to prepare these delicious cinnamon rolls

Ready to have a religious experience during the snack? Here we show you how to prepare the most delicious cinnamon rolls in a simple way.
Prepare something special for the little ones and the not so small ones of the house, because these delicious cinnamon rolls will enchant everyone, since they are very simple to make. You can accompany them with mint tea with coconut milk and honey.
• 3 cups of wheat flour.
• 1 Tablespoon dry yeast.
• 1 egg.
• ¼ Cup of melted butter.
• 5 tablespoons of cinnamon
• ¼ Cup of sugar.
• ¼ Cup of milk cream.
• ¼ Cup of warm water.
• 1 teaspoon vanilla.
• 1 teaspoon salt.
• 1 Teaspoon of sugar.
Place the yeast in a bowl, adding the warm water and sugar later. Stir to dissolve, and let stand for 10 minutes until ferment. Then, add the rest of the ingredients, leaving the last flour.
Knead for 6 minutes, until you get an elastic and sticky mass that comes off the bowl. Grease a container with a small amount of oil and let the dough rest for 90 minutes. In that lapse is when the mass grows.
Sprinkle flour on the table and place the dough to shape with the roller, to form a layer of 50cmx30cm and a thickness of ½ centimeter.
Now to fill in:
Take the melted butter aside and spread the dough with it. Mix the cinnamon powder with ½ cup of sugar and sprinkle throughout the dough.
Start rolling the dough, forming cylinders not too tight. Cut the cylinders in the form of rolls and place them on a greased tray, letting them rest for an hour. Then, take them to the oven at 200ºC, for 25 minutes ... And enjoy!

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